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Nice game, I am bst Warrior, I have been playing for some time now, i am in the top alliance in it. At first it start with skills, but the real fun begin after level 10, when you start communicating with other players, and send attacks to other villages from the Global Map. At first, i thought it is just a skill archery game, but later i discovered that this game is big, lot of features inside, also i loved how you can see the attacks progressing to their target villages on the map, that is new for me, i didn't see it in any other strategy games, the game need some graphics improvement, but when it comes to strategy, choosing the right place for your villages, trying to enter the stronger alliance, attacking and defending, this game is super.


Awessome game, I've been playing for a few months now, Is there a community page or website for this game? I'm looking for battle strategy info from more experienced players, when other villages attack I usually loose more spear men than they send if I try to defend, while others in my alliance say the right defense techniques can cause you to loose much less spearmen.

Thank you Roadhammer for your post, we are happy that you enjoyed playing our game. In our game you can find all the basic important information like how to play and game rules in a section in the game called  "Info", also you can send questions or suggestions for the Admin, and we are happy that our game also contains other type of information like tricks, some sort of experience, that you can gain while playing, or by exchanging the info with other players who have big experience in our game, glad you manage to acquire some nice techniques in defense . We are already working on a website for better display like you suggested, hoping to release it soon. 


I just downloaded this game, need a little patience at the beginning, but so far i like it, i will aim to grow my empire and see where it goes from there

Welcome cool to our game, and thank you for joining our game community players. The real fun begin after level 10, where you start engaging with other players, alliances, skeletons .... 

Hi, i am getting more involved little by little, nice new features, the army relocation between the villages, waiting to see what is next